Our Face Exfoliators are pretty amazing! Why? 

Well, they're made with food grade silicone material - which means they’re hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and incredibly soft. Being lightweight and durable, they’re a breeze to use regularly.

Here's the cool part - they have tiny silicone bristles that act like magnets! They literally pull dirt and oil out of your pores. 

The result? A gentle but deep cleanse that won't be harsh on your skin, so they can be used every time you Cleanse your face!

Choose from Purple or Pink!

Use with our Enzyme Gel Cleanser for a deeper exfoliation leaving your skin super soft and refreshed.


ALL SKIN TYPES - Size: 6.5 x 5 x 1.5 cm


We recommend cleaning the exfoliator after each use & letting air dry, then replacing them after 6months or so if using daily.